The Absurd Reason Why This Family Lives In Isolation 11 Months of the Year

The Atchley family used to live a busy life in the city before they moved to a cabin deep in the Alaskan wilderness. After going off the grid, David and Romey raised their children in seclusion, living off the land and avoiding the go, go, go of the city. But the reason why they moved is the most shocking part of their lifestyle...

Life on the Nowitna River

The Atchleys are the only people who live anywhere along the 250-mile stretch of the Nowitna River. There are no commercial or residential areas near the deep wilderness where the family resides. However, this life of isolation is one the Atchleys always longed for...


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The More You Know

  • In 2009, Burger King launched a campaign that if you unfriended 10 friends on Facebook, you were entitled to a free Whopper. The person you unfriended would get a message telling them that their friendship is worth less than a Whopper.
  • The chance of a coin landing heads-up is not 50-50
  • In the 2011 census for the Czech Republic, over 15 thousand people listed their religion as Jedi.
  • Clark Kent (Superman in DC Comics) is also a character in the Marvel universe, where he's actually just a mild-mannered reporter and nothing more.
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