The Mysterious Circumstances of Elisa Lam’s Bizarre Death

In 2013, the body of a young woman was found floating in a water tank on top of the notorious Cecil Hotel. To this day, the circumstances of Elisa Lam’s disturbing death remain unclear…

How Did She Die?

The coroner’s office ruled her death an “accidental drowning,” but the details surrounding Elisa’s case have fueled considerable debate about what really happened to the 21-year-old college student. The most highly debated piece of evidence is the chilling video capturing the bizarre final moments before Elisa’s disappearance.


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The More You Know

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  • The average person walks the equivalent of five times around the world in their lifetime.
  • About 700 grapes go into one bottle of wine.
  • John Tyler, the 10th president of the United States, was born in 1790. He has a grandson that is alive today.
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