The Most Ridiculous Rollercoaster Photos In Existence

By 3 months ago

When you're loop-de-looping on a rollercoaster, you might not remember that a camera is about to permanently capture your expression. Some of these ride-goers came prepared, while others were simply unfortunate souls whose priceless faces will now live on in infamy...

Care For A Shave?

There must be some serious trust between these two guys for one of them to be wielding a razor blade on the log flume! Talk about a close shave. It's probably safe to assume that the "client" didn't make it off the ride without a few nicks.

Remember to Floss


Dental hygiene is important no matter where you are. If anything, this group was setting an excellent example for the other ridegoers. We're just wondering where they chose to spit... 

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