The Most Rewatchable Teen Movies Out There

By 2 months ago

Teen movies make up some of the top-earning films of all-time. They're evergreen films that relate to anyone who has ever been a teenager, making them easily rewatchable. These are some of the top fan-favorite teen flicks of all time...

Does your favorite make the cut?

The Breakfast Club - 1985

The Breakfast Club is an 80s teen classic about students from different walks of life in Saturday detention. Nearly every high school stereotype is encapsulated: the jock, the rebel, the prep, the outcast, and the nerd. Nearly 40 years later, The Breakfast Club is still considered an all-time classic. 


The Breakfast Club stars Emilio Estevez, Paul Gleason, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and 80s teen icon, Molly Ringwald. Ringwald worked closely with Hughes throughout her career and was in other classics like Sixteen Candles and Pretty In Pink. 

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