The Most Rewatchable Teen Movies Out There

Teen movies make up some of the top-earning films of all-time. They're evergreen films that relate to anyone who has ever been a teenager, making them easily rewatchable. These are some of the top fan-favorite teen flicks of all time...

Does your favorite make the cut?

The Breakfast Club - 1985

The Breakfast Club is an 80s teen classic about students from different walks of life in Saturday detention. Nearly every high school stereotype is encapsulated: the jock, the rebel, the prep, the outcast, and the nerd. Nearly 40 years later, The Breakfast Club is still considered an all-time classic. 


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The More You Know

  • The Dark Knight made more money in its first six days in the US than Batman Begins made in its entire domestic run.
  • The Terminator script was sold for a dollar.
  • On the set of one of the Pirates of the Carribbean films, Johnny Depp spent £40,000 on 500 coats for the cast and crew.
  • Some Wookie suits were made from human hair.
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