The Most Outrageous Vanity License Plates on the Road Right Now

Vanity plates are a great way to express yourself to strangers on the go, nothing says “I’m cool” better than a license plate that literally says “I’m cool.”

Compensating for Something

Hey, buddy is everything alright? Buying a muscle car is a great way to tell everyone else on the road that you need a hug but you won’t accept one.


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The More You Know

  • 12 plants and 5 animals make up 75% of diets around the world.
  • Almost all chickens eaten today come from the winner of the 1948 'Chicken of Tomorrow' Contest whose genetics now dominate poultry farms worldwide.
  • The world's largest falafel weighed 223 pounds.
  • During World War 2, a bear named Wotjek joined the Polish army. He carried ammunition and occasionally drank beer.
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