The Most Interesting Pieces of Street Art From All Over the World

The debate on whether or not "street-art" is vandalism goes back decades. Yes, there are legal murals and pieces of art that are commissioned by businesses owners or cities, but there are also incredible pieces that are put up "without permission" that are just as impressive. These are some of the greatest street art pieces from all over the world! 

Snow Art Meets 3-D Art

This is honestly one of the best types of "street art." It's so cool to make designs and patterns in the snow, but this person took it to the next level! They sued the lamp post as one of the arms fort he glasses to make it seem like it's 3-D. How neat! 


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The More You Know

  • The average person will spend six months of their life waiting for red lights to turn green.
  • In 1945, Dwight D. Eisenhower predicted that people would try to dispel the holocaust as a falsehood, and ordered all possible photographs taken of the Nazi crimes to hinder any such attempts.
  • Tears contain a natural painkiller, which reduces pain and improves your mood.
  • The oceans contain 200,000 different kinds of viruses.
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