The Most Iconic and Memorable Movie Cars to Ever Hit the Silver Screen

Captain Nemo

Captain Nemo's 24-ft custom car from the film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen sold on eBay for over $165,000. This six-wheeled creation was built in West End, North Carolina and is as wide as a Peterbiot semi. The design is loosely based on the Cadillac limousine. It took roughly 6,500 hours to make and no short cuts were taken in its construction. The detail work was carved in reverse and cast in molds.


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The More You Know

  • “Digging a hole to China” is theoretically possible if you start in Argentina.
  • 27,000 tress are cut down every day to become toilet paper.
  • When a piece of bread is toasted, it's called the "Maillard reaction."
  • The toilet is statistically the cleanest place in your home. Your desk, kitchen sink, and cellphone all have more bacteria.
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