The Long Brothers Face off This Weekend in NFL Wildcard Game

The upcoming NFL NFC Wildcard game, Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears, is weighing heavy on fans’ shoulders. This wildcard matchup determines which team gets the opportunity to continue their run for the Lombardi trophy, and no one is more serious about this title than the Long brothers.

Unfortunately, Bear’s Guard, Kyle Long, and his brother Eagles Defensive End, Chris Long, are on opposing sides of this matchup, and there will be blood.

Kyle Long has stated that, come Sunday, he and Chris will not be related. It’ll be a fight to the death—no sympathy here.

Chris came back hard at Kyle’s joke, saying that his two-year-old son didn’t think it was very funny…

Bye, Uncle Kyle!

Chris very obviously meant this as a joke, and yet, people of Twitter just didn’t get it. Chris stepped in with some solid comebacks…

And possibly the best one yet…

Obviously, this is all fun and games in Twitter-verse, but the sibling rivalry on Sunday is nothing of the sort. It’s do or die for the Long brothers—so which of them will come up short?

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