The Link Between Pet Owning and Parenting

Not only does owning a pet as an adult help better prepare you to have children if that's your choice, but many people also say that their pet'sOn behavior is a reflection of them. In a recent survey from OnePoll and AskVet, "2,000 American cat and dog owners recently learned pet ownership can come with many anxieties and expenses just as child-rearing can. For example, the typical pet owner spends $176 on initial supplies and adoption fees to bring their furry friend home and another $111 per month. That adds up to a whopping $13,320 in 10 years, the average lifespan of most dogs and cats."

"45% of pet parents actively worry that their pet might get sick or hurt, while another 33% worry their pet may be unhappy," the survey continued. The survey also found that while most pet owners trust veterinary professionals, they're usually hesitant to pay the hefty prices required to give pets the medical care they need. 90% of people will call a vet if their pet exhibits odd behavior, but only 79% will actually schedule the appointment. 24% of people only take their pets to the vet if they actively know something is wrong, forgoing yearly exams. 

"Pet parents often wait too long to manage their pet's wellness," Cait Pluto, senior VP of marketing at AskVet, said. "The right pet lifestyle choices lead to better health outcomes, lower veterinary costs, longer lifespans, and more joy for pets and their parents. Pet parents can use virtual wellness care to manage that healthy pet lifestyle. It's hard to care for any living thing that can't tell you what it's feeling, whether it's a puppy, a newborn, or even a houseplant," she added. "That's why it's so important to have veterinary resources you can trust to provide you with personalized, proactive guidance instead of resorting to online searches and unqualified advice."

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Post originally appeared on American Upbeat.