The Kardashians and Jenners Dressed Up As Each Other

By 1 year ago

Have you been keeping up with the Kardashians? If so, you might already know that the famous family decided to dress up as each other on a recent episode. Is it for fun, ratings, or both? Who's to say,  but the results were truly priceless. Each person picked another family member to recreate, and they really went all out on getting the look perfect. 

Khloe Kardashian decided to remake Kris Jenner's iconic mom-ager look, with a matching black and gold power suit and matching power stance. And yes, of course, there was a drink in her hand as well. Kris got back at her eldest by dressing up as Khloe in a long blonde wig and simple black long sleeve. Kourtney went as Kim, arguably the most famous of the crew. Kim went as Kourtney (which is kind of just Kim with shorter hair.)


Even the youngest daughters got in on the action! Kendell dressed as younger sister Kylie, and so did toddler Penelope! The Kylie look involved heavy lip makeup and a pink or blue wig, as well as big blue sunglasses. Everyone was in on the fun! Hard to keep up with the Kardashians when you can't even tell who's who!

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