The Greatest Drummers of All Time

Cindy Blackman

Growing up studying jazz didn’t prepare Cindy Blackman for the rock and roll industry. Cindy was picked up by Lenny Kravitz, who was notorious for his fairly pocketed songs. Lenny’s songs are largely built around a consistent beat and a consistent riff that repeats itself multiple times. Cindy was hired to stay in the pocket, but add subtle flavor and fills when applicable. Cindy has built up a lifetime reputation of being one of the greatest drummers to ever live, AND she’s married to Carlos Santana.


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The More You Know

  • Axl Rose once brought a psychic named Sharon Maynard on tour. His entourage called her “Yoda”.
  • Alice Cooper is an avid golfer and credits the sport to "saving him from his demons".
  • Before they became (arguably) the biggest pop act of all time, The Beatles had a hard time convincing record labels to sign them. In 1962, they were rejected by Decca Records, whose boss said “guitar groups are on the way out.”
  • The first show Weezer played was as an opening act for Dogstar, the band in which Keanu Reeves played bass for in the 1990s.
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