The Funniest Photos The Internet Has To Offer

After a long hard week, sometimes you need a little something to perk up and lighten the mood. Luckily, we have the perfect gallery for you. These hilarious photos will crack you up and is guaranteed to turn any frown upside-down. Get your diaphragm ready, its going to be a wild ride.

Shark Selfie

This could possibly be the most epic selfie of all time. He may be an idiot, but this picture will live in your head rent-free for the rest of your life. Next time take off the googles like a real man.


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The More You Know

  • Toilet paper in France is generally pink.
  • Cows moo with regional accents.
  • Pound cake got its name because the original recipe contained a pound of butter, sugar, flour, and eggs.
  • 7% of Christian Americans pray for a parking spot.
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