The Female French Freedom Fighter of WWII

Simone Segoiun, who is also known as Nicole Minet, was a pivotal actor in the French resistance during WWII. 

Simone Segouin was born in Chartres, France into a family of three brothers. Her father was a decorated soldier in WWI, and he passed on his knowledge to his sons and daughters as equals. Segoiun attended school until she was 14 until the nazi party started to spread around Europe for the first time and she began to work on the family farm instead. 

When WWII came around, and the nazi party began to sweep southern Europe, Segoiun and her family hunkered down against the controlling party. 

However, Segouin didn't officially join the resistance until 1944 when she turned 17 years old. 

Segouin joined a group of resistance fighters called the Francs-Tueurs et Partisans group when she was a young lady. 

She adopted the name Nicole Minet to protect her family from persecution, and began to act both in groups and alone to sabotage the nazi party's infiltration of France. 

She committed many acts of resistance, but her most famous (and her first) was stealing a bicycle from a female nazi messenger and using that bicycle to transport her own messages to her fellow freedom fighters. 

She also took part in the capture and execution of over 35 nazi troops, derailing more than 10 nazi supply trains, and sabotaging food, water, and shelters that were being used by the occupying nazi forces.

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