The Curious Case of The Man With Two Sets of DNA

By 1 year ago

Chris Long's life changed completely when he realized that he was slowly becoming someone else. His DNA was changing, and there was nothing he could do to stop it...

Not Feeling Like Yourself?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become someone else? Well, it seems like scientists have just recently uncovered a peculiar case of someone that has developed the DNA of another man that lives 5,000 miles away from him. The strangest part of it all? This particular instance isn’t the first time that it happened.


Two for the Price of One

Most commonly, this occurs in patients that receive bone marrow transplants. Although it's extremely rare, this phenomenon has happened enough that scientists named it “chimerism”. Named after the creature of Greek mythology that’s composed of a goat, a lion, and various other reptilian appendages, chimerism is when an individual has two sets of DNA. This would have been perfectly fine if the chimera wasn’t a member of a police department, and the DNA he took on didn’t come from a criminal living in Ireland…

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