The Creepiest Artifacts in Museums Around the World

By 1 year ago

Most people associate museums with incredible art and important historical artifacts that define certain eras of the world. Many don't realize that there's a museum for just about anything, including creepy, gross, and macabre art and artifacts. These are some of the weirder exhibits out there...

A Scientific Severed Head

This is the severed head of Peter Kürten. He was a German serial killer from the 1930s. At the time, he was known as the "Vampire in Dusseldorf." In order to study the mind of a serial killer, his head was saved after he died. Now, it resides in Ripleys Believe or Not! Museum in Wisconsin. 

Naked Sea Snail


Ever wanted to know what a sea snail looks like without its shell? Yeah, me neither. This sea snail, also known as the giant spider conch, was collected on a reef off of Cerg Island in 1957. It now resides in Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. 

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