The Best Songs That Came Out in the 2000s

2000-2010 was a golden age of creativity that shaped the way music is made now. Although it is incredibly difficult to pinpoint the “best” songs of the 2000s, here are some that are very important, and also very very good.

(This is in no particular order, by the way)

Feel Good Inc.- Gorillaz

Personifying your band as a series of cartoons that have no definable human identity was one of the most radical decisions in the history of the music industry. Gorillaz created one of the coolest images of the 2000s, as well as some of the coolest music. Although Demon Days is chock full of bangers from front to back, Feel Good Inc. brought Gorillaz to the forefront.


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The More You Know

  • Jimi Hendrix was kicked out of Little Richard’s band for stealing the spotlight and not wearing the uniform.
  • All members of Nirvana were kicked out from their own release party for starting a food fight.
  • Mariah Carey's ex-husband, Tommy Mottola, supposedly swiped an audio sample she was planning to use for her next album. The sample then popped up in a Jennifer Lopez song which came out first.
  • When Pixie’s drummer David Lovering wasn’t drumming, he performed as a professional magician.
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