The Best Films in History: Did Your Favorite Make the List?

Film snobs and average movie-goers alike can all agree that their favorite film is the best of all time... but will those films make our list? There is a lot of ground to cover, from 1920s Buster Keaton stunt films to 2010s Pixar animated ones, the history of film is filled with incredible artistry. 

Here's the most current list of the top films in history. Where does your favorite fall?


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The More You Know

  • Jackie Chan voiced the Beast in the Chinese dub of The Beauty And The Beast.
  • For 'Deadpool' (2016) Ryan Reynolds paid $10,000 of his own money for the right to wear a shirt with The Golden Girl’s Bea Arthur on it.
  • Walt Disney hated Goofy.
  • Barbie in Toy Story is voiced by Jodi Benson, best known for her role as Ariel in The Little Mermaid.
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