The Best and Worst of Stephen King

By 1 year ago

No one does horror better than Stephen King. With 50+ novels and 30+ adaptations, here’s a list of the best and worst of his terrifying stories…

The Night Flier (1997)

“The Night Flier” follows a cranky news reporter who attempts to debunk a mysterious commuter place, whose soul occupant appears only during the witching hour and leaves corpses in its wake. This attempted reimagining of a King short story feel so flat. The biggest disappointment is that we’ll never know how the creature acquired a pilot’s license.


The Manger (1995)

The director of one of King’s best TV adaptations, “Salem’s Lot,” was behind this take on a “Night Shift” film. It follows a killer industry-press laundry machine, so of course the content is hot hot hot. However, the set itself looked like something out of a hair-metal music video.

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