The 40 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All Time

39. Norm Van Brocklin

Norm led the LA Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles to championships in the 50s. He played 12 seasons and was a 9x pro bowler. He averaged 8.2 yards per pass attempts for his career, the 3rd best in history.


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The More You Know

  • The first American woman to go to medical school was admitted as a joke. Geneva Medical School thought it was joke when Elizabeth Blackwell applied to attend 1847. She graduated in 1849, started her own practice, and opened an infirmary for the poor.
  • A relative of the T. rex stood just 3-feet tall.
  • During the first 5 months of Pokémon Go, gaming-related accidents increased by 26.5%.
  • The United States defense budget of $698 billion is more than the next seventeen nations combined.
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