Texas Principal Reads Bedtime Stories to Her Students on Facebook Live

For teachers, it seems that the work never ends. The same goes for the administrative staff.

Take this Beaumont, Texas principal for example…

Belinda George, the principal at Homer Drive Elementary School, started a bedtime story tradition to get her students interested in reading.

Every Tuesday night, George reads a children’s book aloud to her students from her home via Facebook Live. The students that tune in can earn advanced reader points as rewards for listening.

This all began because 94% of George’s students come from disadvantaged homes and the school has struggled to keep literacy scores up in years past, so she decided to do something about it. Since she became principal last year, the school has already seen scores improve.

Though she doesn’t have children of her own, George says “The bottom line is I love, love kids. I know if I don’t reach them outside of school, I [may] never reach them in school.”



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