Texas Mother Believes She’s Having Twins, but Her Doctor Has Another Answer

Motherhood is a remarkable feat. One that people often forget is not as easy for some women as it is for others. Such was the case for Houston-native, Lauren Perkins.

Lauren always knew she wanted to be a mother. When she and her husband David began trying to conceive, however, they tried and failed many times over the course of a year and started to lose hope. Fertility treatments were expensive, but it seemed like the last resort.

Before going all in on treatments, they needed to get away…

A Trip to Clear The Stress

Before they began to look into treatments, however, the couple took a trip to Nicaragua to take a break with some friends, and relieve some stress, before they put all their energy and money into becoming parents. Nicaragua, however, had other plans for them…


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The More You Know

  • Tennis was originally played with bare hands.
  • Singapore plans to build floating burbs.
  • The United States defense budget of $698 billion is more than the next seventeen nations combined.
  • A cow-bison hybrid is called a "beefalo."
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