Terrifying Details of Life in Royal Palaces That Will Stun You

By 5 months ago

Before there were docuseries and fantasy TV shows, people really were living a life of royalty behind closed doors. It may seem like luxurious living, but things were a lot more disgusting behind the scenes. These are some of the little known details about life in a castle...

Secret Shelter

These palaces were beautiful on the outside but a place of secrecy on the inside. There were often hidden rooms to protect royal family members or people of high importance. That way, should the castle ever be taken over, there was a way for the ones in charge to be safe and protected. 

Wartime Fortress


Though you might associate the life of royalty with fine dining and drinking, the truth is that it was also a very threatening position. The castles were extravagant, but they were also used as fortresses during periods of war. As it turns out, wars happened quite a lot back then...

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