Teen Discovers Something Sinister Terrorizing This Native American Reservation

By 1 year ago

Krissy was only a teenager when she learned about the malevolent force menacing her town. She spent time on a Native American reservation where paranormal lore was a big part of her community. Soon, Krissy would encounter something that no one could explain…

Life on the Reservation

In the fall of 2011, Krissy was 16 years old. Krissy was Algonquin First Nations, the indigenous inhabitants of eastern Ontario in Canada, and spent her youth on a Native American reservation.

Coexisting with Other Worlds


“The attitude of most people toward the paranormal is one of assurance,” she said. “To us, the paranormal is a regular part of life.” Krissy was taught that a spirit world existed and that certain “beings” were capable of crossing over into the mortal realm, maybe even living among them…

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