Teen Cashier Picks Up Grocery Bill for Elderly Shopper in Tennessee

When a senior shopper was a bit short of cash on his grocery bill at the local Fresh n' Low supermarket in Georgetown, Tennessee, the young cashier ringing him up decided to pay it forward.

Layne McKeel hadn't left his home much after the coronavirus swept the nation, and he was long overdue for a grocery run. After pickup up his disability check, he stopped into his local market.

When McKeel went up to the cashier, he realized he was $33 short of his $173 shopping bill. Fresh n' Low cashier, Elizabeth Taylor, saw Mckeel's distress and instead of allowing him to put items back on the shelves, she simply insisted on taking care of his bill. 

"It was all essential stuff so I was just like… you know… and he was like 'what do I owe you?' And I was like no, it's fine, I'll take care of it, it's okay," Elizabeth recalled to WRCB news. 

When she was asked why she did it, she said, "We've seen a lot of older people, and they're all trying to buy groceries and a lot of places have run out of stuff, and so the older people are kind of taking the downfall for that. I just try to give back when I can."

McKeel was delightfully touched and called Taylor an "angel" and the "light of day" for her gracious assistance.

While COVID-19 continues to spread, at the very least, so are acts of kindness.

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