Teacher Lied for 50 Years Until the Truth Finally Came Out

By 1 year ago

John Corcoran had a very successful teaching career, a happy marriage, loving children, and one huge secret. He fought his entire life to hide it from everyone, but he couldn’t keep it under wraps forever. Read on to find out how one man fooled everyone in his life for almost 50 years…

Childhood Problems

Throughout his childhood, John Corcoran always was told he was a winner, and he believed it. He was late in learning how to speak but eventually was ready for the elementary school classroom. He thrived in kindergarten and first grade, but things got a little more difficult…


Second Grade

In second grade, the kids were supposed to learn how to read. John described the experience as opening up a Chinese newspaper, saying “I didn’t understand what those lines were, and as a child of six, seven, eight years old I didn’t know how to articulate the problem.” Things only got worse…

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