Taxi Driver Senses Trouble When Teen Girl Asks for a Ride and Rescues Her From a Horrible Fate

By 2 years ago

People always use the phrase “trust your gut,” but when it comes to actually following through, in tough situations, it’s often hard to follow your instincts without feeling like you have a good explanation in doing so.

Such was the case for one cab driver. When he made the choice to act on his instincts, he ended up uncovering a dark situation which saved a young girls life…

One Autumn Morning

Satbir Arora drove around on a Tuesday afternoon just like any other. He weaved through the neighborhoods in the Oxfordshire area looking for passengers when he came upon a young girl standing by the road calling for him to stop. Little did he know, he was about to stumble into a path of danger…


A Strange Request

Satbir drove up to the young girl. She looked no older than 13 and was dressed in a conservative school uniform. She requested Satbir take her to the Gloucestershire Station, but he felt a bit taken aback by the request. The young girl seemed nervous and he couldn’t quite figure out why…

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