Taking a Look Inside Mike Tyson’s Abandoned 1.3 Million Dollar Mansion

Two Wrongs Get You In

There is controversy on whether Joo forged his documents to enter the place, but nonetheless, he made it in. He remarked about how clean the home still was, and since he got arrested trying to break in, he understands how very few people got in to vandalize the place.


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The More You Know

  • Beavers have transparent eyelids so they can see underwater.
  • The stars and flashes of light you see when you rub your eyes are called "phosphenes."
  • Commercial flights were allowed to fly any course to their destination and would often detour over points of interest. This ended in 1956 when two planes crashed mid-flight over the Grand Canyon.
  • The richest superhero is actually Black Panther, who has an estimated of $500 billion, whereas Tony Stark is worth $100 billion and Bruce Wayne $80 billion.
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