Student Jokes That Were as Risky as They Were Hilarious

By 2 years ago

Sometimes, it’s easier to get through school by not taking it seriously. These students have done exactly that and usually end up leaving their teachers in stitches over their hilarious attempts at simply getting through the day.

A Math Professor Found This Protest Taped To His Office Door

Apparently, someone didn’t find his test very easy. This must be the new-age alternative “I need some help” email!

They’re Not Wrong!


It is pretty risky to blatantly not provide the correct answer to the question. We’re just glad that the teacher appreciates his sense of humor and the fact that it is technically correct. Maybe not what they were looking for… But, correct.

They Found The Best Spots

It seems that the only way to have a successful game of hide and seek is to do it in a place that you’re not allowed to and find a spot so good that literally no one can find you… Especially the people who are trying to kick you out!

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