Strange Noises Coming From a Cave in Los Angeles Lead to an Unbelievable Rescue Effort

By 2 years ago

Let’s face it, caves are pretty creepy places. They’re a place that people fear because in the darkness of a cave, the unknown floods our mind.

When a rescue team was called in about cries coming from a Los Angeles cave, they were very cautious. Whatever was inside needed help, but when they eventually figured it out, the rescuers were shocked…

In the Darkness

When they arrived at the cave, the rescuers knew this would be no easy task. They shined a light towards the cries, but couldn’t see anything. They needed to get a better look inside…


In Honor of Their Late Teammate

This rescue effort was especially close to their hearts because they had recently suffered a loss of a friend who was quite the animal lover, and in her honor, they knew they had to see this through, and so, the rescue began…

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