Strange Noise Coming From Walls Turns Out to Be Man's Greatest Fear

Room Renovations

As soon as he entered the bedroom, Paul knew something was definitely not right. There was a pipe laying in the center of the room as if his roommate disappeared in the middle of plumbing. Even more unsettling was what lay just beyond the pipe...a hole in the wall! That certainly wouldn't be good for their deposit. Once he checked out the space, he looked inside and saw a whole crawlspace, as well as something else...


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The More You Know

  • A typical cloud weighs around 1.1 million pounds.
  • A single dollar bill costs 5 cents to make.
  • Bill Gates plans to donate 95% of his $81.1 billion dollar wealth to charity. That's about $77 billion dollars!
  • In 1966 and 1967, soldiers testing Agent Orange in Canada were told the chemical was completely safe and sprayed it on each other to cool off.
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