Stalker Finds J-Pop Idol’s Home Through Tiny, Seemingly Irrelevant Detail In Her Selfie

Social media has easily changed the world. It connects us in ways we’ve never been connected before. One J-Pop idol learned that sharing your life online can be extremely dangerous…

Meet Ena

Ena Matsuoka is a J-Pop idol in the girl band Tenshitsukinuke-Ni-Yomi. She’s 21-years-old and grew up in the Japanese city of Nagano.


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The More You Know

  • Benjamin Franklin was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame.
  • The odds of getting a royal flush are exactly 1 in 649,740.
  • A reservoir in space holds 140 trillion times the amount of water in Earth's oceans.
  • A species of squid has been observed to leap from the ocean by using pressurized water jets to achieve flight, going as far as 98 feet!
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