Carey Price Surprises Fan at the 2019 NHL Awards in a Tear-Jerking Moment

By 4 months ago

Anderson Whitehead is an 11-year old who appeared in a viral video in February. In the video, Whitehead meets his hero, Montreal Canadiens goaltender and NHL superstar Carey Price. Whitehead’s mother passed away from cancer shortly before the meeting.

Whitehead walked away with a lot of signed hickey gear and a memory that would last a lifetime. But there was more to come. Anderson got to attend the NHL awards in Price’s place, as he was busy at the time. He sends Anderson a heartfelt video message and the crowd goes wild, but there’s still one more surprise.

Price made the awards after all! He gives the super fan another jersey and an invitation to next years all-star game. Talk about a dream come true!

Fans tweeted through teary eyes their support of the star’s actions. It really shows that celebrities really can make a difference in the lives of their dedicated fans.