These Newly-Colorized Historical Photos Reveal Shocking Things

Newly colorized versions of famous Golden Age actresses, World War II-era soldiers, and prominent moments from the Kennedy administration show what life was really like back before the invention of digital photography. 

Elizabeth Taylor 

Elizabeth Taylor is pictured here on the set of Giant in 1956. She started acting in 1941, and this is one of her more beloved roles alongside Rock Hudson and James Dean. Did you know she was the last person James Dean was with before he was in that car accident?


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The More You Know

  • The Puritans Didn't Come to the New World for 'Religious Freedom'
  • More than two percent of the American population was killed during the Civil War.
  • The Sixteenth President of the USA, Abraham Lincoln was declared as a wrestling champ. He had concurred one loss among 300 matches.
  • President Abraham Lincoln is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame
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