Someone Bet $99,000 on the Packers to be the Jaguars Despite -1100 Odds

One bettor is quite certain that the Packers have a steep chance of winning this weekend.

David Purdum of ESPN has reported that one very confident better placed a $99,000 wager on the Packers to beat the Jaguars with the William Hill sports book in Nevada. Even if the Packers win, the bet will pay a mere $9,000, due to its odds of -1100.

Of course, this could be the easiest $9,000 that the bettor ever makes—or it could come crashing down around them.

The weather should be taken into account for Saturday's game—a high of 44 degrees alongside a dreary forecast of 25-mile-per-hour winds and steady rain. It's possible that the Packers will decide that Sunday just isn't their time to shine.

However, this seems unlikely, given the odds. If the game ends within around 8 points, the $9,000 surely will not be worth the anxiety that the bettor experienced at the prospect of being out nearly 100 grand.

Besides, if the Jaguars do win, the money goes poof. In the end, it seems like a risky bet with an unworthy payoff, but as a wise man once said—"That's why they play the games."

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