Some Creepy, Cool, and Crazy Halloween Decoration Ideas

Need some ideas for Halloween? Thes people went above and beyond while they decorated for the spookiest holiday. Take some pointers!

Pumpkin Palace

This has to be like… Months of work. This had to have been a 100-person job. At least it was well worth it! I wish my house looked like this all year round.


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The More You Know

  • The people who are currently alive are only 7% of the total number of people who have ever lived.
  • Coca-Cola consumers will pay more to drink less ounces.
  • In 1945, Dwight D. Eisenhower predicted that people would try to dispel the holocaust as a falsehood, and ordered all possible photographs taken of the Nazi crimes to hinder any such attempts.
  • Sony’s PlayStation 4 costs $381 to manufacture.
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