TikToker Shares What Not To Do On Wedding RSVP

Toronto-based TikToker Melissa Baum is a huge voice on the platform. She was 1.2 million followers who all follow her for her wedding updates.

She recently received an RSVP card from a wedding guest who went a little too wild with the requests. By the way, there should be no requests for an RSVP!

@melissabaumevents It’s just 1 meal for God’s sake! #bridaltok #weddingplanning #weddingplanningproblems #2022bride #2023bride ♬ original sound - Schitt’s Creek

"What not to do on your RSVP card," Baum said, starting off the video. 

The card simply asked the guests' names, whether they accepted or denied the invite, and if they wanted to eat vegetarian or not. This person went above and beyond with the dinner requests.

The person wrote, "No iceberg lettuce, no nuts or beans, dislike red pepper, not spicy, dressing on the side with salad," and "sensitive to garlic." Food allergies are one thing, but if you don't like food then you have to get over it!

As Baum said, "It's one meal for God's sake!"

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