Taylor Swift Announces Concert Set for Day Before New Album Release

By 3 weeks ago

Taylor Swift is known for her easter eggs and enigmatic messages slipped into her Social Media and music. On Tuesday, Swift played to her strengths and posted a YouTube video to her followers letting them know that she had “something to announce tomorrow” on Good Morning America.

Wednesday morning, a video clip, filmed from a remote location, was broadcasted on GMA in which Swift announced that she will be performing a concert in NYC’s Central Park on August 22nd.

This isn’t the first time Swift has done a performance in NYC as of late. Back in June, she gave an unannounced performance at the Stonewall Inn to wish the crowd a happy Pride month.

While many fans thought her announcement would be centered around her newest song, “The Archer,” she instead announced the Central Park concert which is scheduled the day before her new album “Lover” is set to release.