Lizzo Called Herself and Kim Kardashian "Modern-Day Body Icons"

Critics love talking about Lizzo's body, and Lizzo loves clapping back at them. It's sort of part of her brand by now. 

She's very good at shutting up the haters, especially when it comes to her physical appearance. In a new interview with People Magazine, Lizzo said that she considers herself to be a "modern-day body icon" and that she "likes being fat."

"I think I have a really hot body," she said. "I'm a body icon, and I'm embracing that more and more every day. I may not be one person's ideal body type just like, say, Kim Kardashian might not be someone's ideal, but she's a body icon and has created a modern-day beauty standard."

It wasn't always easy, though. Lizzo admits that she became cynical at first, but was able to channel that energy into more self-confidence. 

"I was like, 'OK, what can I do with this? How can I make the best of this? I wasn't supposed to survive. I wasn't supposed to make it this far. I wasn't supposed to be a millionaire. I wasn't supposed to be a sex symbol. I wasn't supposed to be on the cover of People, but I am. So how can I make this worthwhile?"

Lizzo will always be an icon, especially for this! 

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