Sir Richard Branson’s Diving Expedition Into the Blue Hole of Belize Leads to a Miraculous yet Troubling Discovery

By 2 years ago

From a distance, the Blue Hole of Belize looks like a beautiful sapphire-blue pool surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean Sea. A close look, however, reveals the darkness and mystery of the deep sinkhole in the middle of the sea. For the famed explorer, Fabien Cousteau, and billionaire entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson, the Blue Hole held so much potential and mystery. It was the one place they HAD to explore, and after doing so, they instantly regretted their decision…

Fabien the Explorer

Fabien Cousteau is a world-renowned sea explorer passionate about marine life. He’s spent his career diving and documenting everything from shipwrecks to sharks in the wild. After all the accomplishments he’s achieved, there was one place left to conquer that would change everything…


Caribbean Bound

He set sail for the Blue Hole of Belize in 2018 to explore the fabled deep sinkhole and uncover the mysteries hidden below the surface, but he would soon find something that would leave everyone stunned…

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