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Use A Hairdryer To Get Crayon Marks Off Walls

If your kids like to use your white walls as their personal crayon canvas, all hope is not lost. Simply heat the offending portion of the wall with a hairdryer for a few seconds to soften the crayon's wax and then wipe any marks away with a soft cloth.


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The More You Know

  • Spray squeaky door hinges in place with a little all-purpose lube, silicone spray or dry Teflon spray.
  • After you've given your stovetop a thorough cleaning, apply a thin layer of car wax and then buff it off with a clean towel.
  • Avoid bad decisions by taking just a minute to focus and calm yourself before making a move.
  • As trash bags start to fill up, the bag slithers into the bin and you have to dig it out. To keep handled or drawstring trash bags in place, all you need are two medium or large self-adhesive command hooks.
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