Home Life Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Whether you’re looking to get your house spotless in a hurry or just want to add some extra aesthetic appeal to your space, there’s an easy way to tackle all those tasks. Sit back and relax with the time you’ll save after adopting these home hacks.

Unclog A Stuck Drain With Coffee

Coffee grounds can be mixed with dish soap and boiling water to unclog drains. Mixing the grounds with soap and adding the mixture into your drain, following it up with a lengthy pour of boiling water, the combination of which will break up whatever's clogging your pipes.


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The More You Know

  • Carrots take away the acidity in tomato sauce by adding subtle sweetness. If you find your sauce has gotten too acidic, peel a whole carrot, simmer it with the sauce and remove before serving.
  • Sheet pans: They’re not just for dinner anymore! Use your trusty baking sheet to stay organized while you meal prep.
  • Hollow out a watermelon, slice off the top, and pierce the side with a spigot. Then, fill the "keg" with your favorite punch and replace the lid to keep the drinks—and the conversation—flowing.
  • Put some aluminum foil in the bottom of your fireplace before you lay down your logs.
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