Home Life Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Whether you’re looking to get your house spotless in a hurry or just want to add some extra aesthetic appeal to your space, there’s an easy way to tackle all those tasks. Sit back and relax with the time you’ll save after adopting these home hacks.

Unclog A Stuck Drain With Coffee

Coffee grounds can be mixed with dish soap and boiling water to unclog drains. Mixing the grounds with soap and adding the mixture into your drain, following it up with a lengthy pour of boiling water, the combination of which will break up whatever's clogging your pipes.


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The More You Know

  • Half an hour before serving time, adorn the table with bowls of lemon halves topped with cloves to ensure a pest-proof party.
  • If you know you'll need to bake with brown sugar soon and it's too hard to use, stick a piece of bread in with the sugar overnight and leave the two in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Run your wrists under cold water or rub an ice cube on your pulse points to cool down all over quickly when you get overheated.
  • Air fryers don’t always produce that golden hue we crave. You can fix that, though! The secret to that perfect golden color is giving your foods a quick spritz of cooking spray before popping them into the air fryer basket.
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