ShotTracker Receives $11 Million in Financing From Verizon

Sports tech firm ShotTracker announced this past Thursday that the company has secured $11 million in funding from Verizon Ventures and broadcast equipment manufacturer Evertz Technologies.

ShotTracker, founded by Davyeon Ross, is a data analytics company that uses sensors placed around arenas to track players' movement, allowing the company to offer real-time basketball statistics and insight for teams and broadcasters. This technology also allows players to identify their most productive areas on the court. For enhanced analytics, ShotTracker adheres sensors to basketballs, jerseys, and court sensors to create a 3D court for enhanced analytics.

Over 60 NCAA men's and women's college basketball schools have employed the $45,000 system; ShotTracker has even partnered with apparel companies like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour.

The company plans to "accelerate its deployment across NCAA Division I Power 6 Basketball Conferences, expand hiring, further key partnerships and enhance sensor capabilities and data capture for players, coaches, fans and broadcasters" with the financing they have received.

"ShotTracker's real-time sports data will transform fan experiences, athletic performance, sports broadcast, and more," said Michelle McCarthy, the managing director of Verizon Ventures. "We're proud to invest in a team of industry veterans as they pave the way for data capture in gameplay to improve all areas of the sport."

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