Shopper Finds a Steak that Looks Like Vladimir Putin

By 2 years ago

There’s no mistake in this steak! Musician Mark Gordon was shopping for dinner at Aldi when he saw something that caught his eye. On an Aberdeen Angus steak, staring right back at him was the silhouette of Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s face!

He couldn’t believe his eyes. He said he had to walk back and forth a few times to be sure, but once he saw it, he couldn’t forget. “I was looking for something to eat for my tea and walked past the meat section when I was stopped in my tracks[…] I walked past it a couple of times and each time it looked more and more like Putin.”

While the iconic steak face cost only £2.99 (about $3.75), Gordon said that he did not end up buying the dinner. He said “I didn’t buy it in the end – I didn’t want to be responsible for sizzling Vladimir Putin who knows what might have happened to me. I might have ended up being well done myself.” Good forethought!

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