Disturbing Thrift Store Find Creates Media Frenzy and Police Response

By 1 year ago

Priscilla Bailey thought that her daughter would like a hanging glass ornament that she found at the thrift store, but she had no idea what was lingering inside. Once they came to the horrific conclusion, they didn't know if they should go to the police or the media first. The thrift store even offered to dispose of it for them just to save themselves...

The Thrifting World

Thrifting has become increasingly popular thanks to the movement of "reduce, reuse, recycle." It's also a cost-effective way to decorate your home, especially for the ever-changing seasons. Priscilla Bailey consistently shopped her local store for holiday decorations, craft ideas, and fun trinkets. She didn't have anything in mind as she browsed the crowded shelves one day, as per usual, but she always stumbled upon something that spoke to her!


Sifting Through Weirdness

Thrift stores can be weird. A lot of the time, people will use them as an "environmentally friendly" trash can. Patrons typically drop off items that they feel too guilty throwing out and basically let the thrift store managers deal with it. That means that there's never a shortage of bizarre, fun finds. Priscilla herself has found tons of different objects that were trash to others but a treasure to her. In fact, she ended up finding something extremely valuable while on her hunt for some new decor...

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