Bizarre Shenanigans That You Only Experience On The Subway

The subway is great for people-watching. It doesn’t matter where you are, what city you’re in, or even what country, the subway will always attract some bizarre lifeforms that you’d never see above ground.

Harry Potter Crew

They all must be heading to a meet up of some sort. The kid that looks like Harry Potter has to know what he’s doing with those glasses, it’s just absurd to not know!


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The More You Know

  • Christian Bale studied Tom Cruise's mannerisms to prepare for his role as a psychotic killer in American Psycho.
  • Nutella was invented during WWII, when an Italian pastry maker mixed hazelnuts into chocolate to extend his chocolate ration.
  • The horse on the Wyoming license plate is named Steamboat.
  • The Nobel Committee declined to award the Nobel Peace Prize in 1948 because "there was no suitable living candidate." This was meant as tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, who was assassinated earlier that year without receiving the Prize.
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