Shaq Pays It Forward to Teen with Size 18 Feet

Shaquille O’Neal came to the rescue of a young teen whose feet are much larger than the average young mans.

Thirteen-year-old, Zach Keith, wears a size 18 shoe, something O’Neal can certainly relate to. At 18, O’Neal recalls searching high and low for loafers to fit his size 18 feet for his high school prom.

Zach’s mother has been unable to afford new extra-large sneakers for her son, and that’s where Shaq came in. He had heard about the family’s dilemma and was inspired to lend a helping hand.

When Shaq had struggled to find shoes that fit, Bruce Teilhaber, the owner of Friedman’s Shoes in Atlanta, Georgia, gave him a free pair, and he continued to shop there ever since. As a means of paying it forward, Shaq invited Zach and his mother to Friedman’s Shoes and purchased 10 new pairs for the teen.

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