Seniors Receive Robot Pets To Help Quell The Pandemic Blues

Alabama's Robotic Pet Project is helping senior citizens in need of a little companionship during the pandemic. Because it might be difficult or even a health risk to venture out to the store for food and pet supplies, the project is giving robotic pets to seniors who could use the support without all the hassle. May Lambert and Jean Reddish were recipients of two robotic pets, the perfect solution to loneliness during isolation.

Administrative Director for The MIddle Alabama Area Agency on Aging, Crystal Crim, said "robots provide the benefits of a real pet without the physical challenges of having to feed, pick up after, take care of an animal in a traditional sense." This is a challenge that many people are facing during the pandemic. Those with compromised health are wary of going to stores, and dogs that need daily walks might be taking a toll on their owners who would prefer to stay indoors during this time. 

So far Alamaba is the only state to have reported starting this new measure for senior citizens, but if all goes well surely other states will follow suit. It's a positive step toward ensuring the upkeep of mental health for senior citizens who haven't seen family since lockdown started. Nursing homes are some of the places that have been struggling the most with mandated social distancing, so this is a step in the right direction.

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Post originally appeared on American Upbeat.