Seniors Pose as Rock Stars to Recreate Famous Album Cover Art at Nursing Home

After months in lockdown without any visitors, thanks to COVID-19, seniors at nursing homes are, understandably, getting quite bored and lonely. 

The activities coordinator at one senior care home in north London took it upon himself to come up with a fun way to kill some time with the residents. Robert Speker, the coordinator, used his photography skills to recreate famous album covers featuring the residents of the senior home.

The photo remakes were not only a blast for the seniors, but they also came out extremely beautiful. They shot famous covers like David Bowie's Aladdin Sane, Adele's 21, and The Clash's London Calling.

"As this situation is on-going it could be months before the situation changes for them and the need to keep them happy, entertained, and full of spirit has never been more crucial," said the activities director at Sydmar Lodge Care in Edgware. "It’s been my job and privilege."

The manager of the home said that Speker is well-known for organizing activities that are "outside-the-box," and this project was no different. 

The photos from the shoot have gone viral and people are inquiring about purchasing calendars. While it wasn't initially intended to be a project that raised money, at the request of Twitter users, Speker set up a GoFundMe campaign for people to donate funds towards future projects.

One Twitter user, JolieSumo, pretty much summed up everyone’s feelings, tweeting, “These are so moving. Reminds me of my 97-year-old grandmother telling me that on the inside she was still 18.”

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