Senior Dog Sanctuary Gets a Serious Upgrade in Tennessee

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Tennessee is heaven on earth. This senior dog oasis cares for 90 senior dogs on-site with 250 others in their foster homes.

The sanctuary itself is getting an upgrade that will allow it to help even more senior pups. The facility will move from a 7,000 sq. foot building on 2 acres to an 18,700 sq feet facility on 9 acres of land.

The new space will provide five larger rooms for dogs that are comfortable around multiple other dogs while it also provides 10 other rooms for dogs that need a little more privacy.

The sanctuary hopes to open the new digs in about a year and they want to make it a smooth transition for the dogs. They take senior dogs out of shelters in the area to alleviate the stress that is induced those loud and uncomfortable situations.

Old Friends also pays for the medical bills for the dogs in their foster homes thanks to their 1.7 million Facebook followers which helps raise awareness and vital funding to run the senior sanctuary,

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