Secrets From 'Happy Days' That Producers Kept Hidden For Years

By 10 months ago

The beloved sitcom Happy Days captured the hearts of American audiences for almost a full decade. Starring the Fonz, Richie Cunnigham, and their wacky friends, the group caused quite a stir in their Wisconsin hometown. While the program might have seemed jolly and carefree on the screen, there were some darker secrets behind the scenes...


Happy Days might be one of those shows that you could never imagine any different, but the show almost had a different name in it's pre-production days. The show was pitched as just one word: Cool. While Fonzie could definitely be described as such, it was deemed to be the wrong fit for the show. That one was scrapped, but there was another possible title in the works as well...


Fonzie Favorite

Once the showrunners realized that the real star of the show was going to be Fonzie, they wanted to capitalize on his iconic characterization. They were so deeply invested in the fictional cool guy that the show was almost titled Fonzie’s Happy Days. This was ultimately dropped, just in case one of their other stars got the celebrity treatment and skyrocketed to the best of the box office...

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